“Authentic” Russian Folktale Generator

Take a spin and generator an authentic Russian folktale!

Here’s what I got from these selections:folktale

function 6: antagonist(s) attempts to deceive victim(s) / protagonist(s) in order to take possession of them or their belongings = trickery (eta)

eta3 — use of other forms of deception or coercion

function 7: victim(s) / protagonist(s) accept deception and unwittingly help antagonist(s) = complicity (theta/lamda)
zeta3 — information received by other means

function 8: antagonist(s) causes harm or injury to victim(s)/member of protagonist(s)’s family = villainy (A)
A11 — casting of a spell, transformation

function 8a: one member of family lacks/desires something = lack (a)
a5 — lack of money or means of existence

function 19: initial misfortune or lack is liquidated = liquidation (K)
K8 — breaking of spell on victim

function 19: initial misfortune or lack is liquidated = liquidation (K)
K6 — poverty done away with thru use of magical agent

function 30: false protagonist(s) or antagonist(s) punished = punishment (U)
U — punishment of false protagonist(s) or antagonist(s)

function 31: protagonist(s) marries and ascends throne = wedding (W)
W#* — protagonist(s) weds and ascends throne

dramatis personae:
person sought-for:


A little wordy, but you get the idea!

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