A note on pre-requisite tutorials

A note on pre-requisite tutorials

by emilykkeyes (01-29-2016)

Having now managed to get a few Programming Historian tutorials under my belt (with great difficulty), I have a suggestion to make.

In almost all of the Programming Historian tutorials I’ve completed they refer back to previous Programming Tutorials, suggesting that the reader/user complete those prior to completing this tutorial. This in itself is fine. Obviously to move forward, they idea is to build on previous knowledge.

The problem arises when you get to the pre-requisite tutorial, and IT recommends you complete a pre-requisite tutorial. For example, in Data Mining the Internet Archive Collection, they explain that you will need something called pip. They recommend that you download this using the instructions in the Installing Python Module with pip tutorial. Okay, fine. But then when you get to the Installing Python Module with pip, they explain that the easiest way to install pip is by using a python program….what if I don’t have Python installed? Or even know what Python is? Well, there’s a Programming Historian tutorial for that, which is great. But what ends up happening is I spend the time I should have been spending completing my first tutorial, completing this tutorial, and then have to work my way back.

My advice would be that each tutorial be self-contained. Obviously, this can’t be the case for every one, but by continually sending users to other tutorials you risk losing them. As one of the targeted users for the Programming Historian tutorials, I likely would have given up if I hadn’t been required to complete it for class. Harsh, but true.

Otherwise, keep up the good work Programming Historians!


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