Spooky historic Halloween Costumes

Here is a re-blog of one my earliest posts! Read below for the history Halloween Celebrations in the US, and see some spooky photos.

It has long been accepted that Halloween made its North American debut during the nineteenth century, following the influx of immigrants to the United States who brought the tradition of celebrating Halloween, known as Samhain Eve in European Celtic tradition, to America. Despite this early arrival of Halloween, it didn’t really catch until the 1920s, specifically in the spookiest place on earth…Minnesota.

The city of Anoka in Minnesota is accredited with the United States’ oldest Halloween festivities. According to the official city of Anoka’s Halloween website, a parade and festivities were arranged in 1920 in order to discourage and distract young hooligans from Halloween pranks (such as letting cows loose on Main Street, soaping windows, and tipping over outhouses.)  Needless to say it was a big hit. Halloween celebrations have been held in Anoka ever since, with special exception for 1942 and ’43 due to WWII (I guess they decided after two years that they couldn’t live without it, as this is the only years the celebrations were cancelled.)

Like the creepy photos? Find some more below, all originally found here.


Happy Halloween!

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