Last 32 Meals of Famous People

Here is your daily dose of food history today folks! Stumbled upon this on
Artist Sarah Lazarovic create a pictograph of twenty famous individuals and their last meals “according to their fanciness and calorific content.”


Personally I think James Dean’s last meal is the way to go!

Artist Sarah Lazarovic has made a graph charting 20 famous people's last meals according to their fanciness and calorific content.View this image ›

But let’s not forget the rest.

1. James Dean.

Shutterstock / bonchan

Apple pie and a glass of milk.

2. Rasputin.

Shutterstock / Wiktory

Honeyed cake, black bread, Russian hors d’oeuvres and Madeira wine.

3. Brittany Murphy.

Getty / Stephane L’hostis

Shutterstock / Joshua Resnick

Noodles, leftover Thai food, Gatorade, water and tea with lemon.

4. Adolf Hitler.

Shutterstock / Viktor1

Spaghetti with a light sauce.

5. General George Armstrong Custer.

Shutterstock / Denis Vrublevski

Roasted buffalo steaks, beans and molasses, roasted wild corn and prairie hen.

6. Saddam Hussein.

Boiled chicken and rice with a glass of hot water and honey.

7. Liberace.

Shutterstock / Nik Merkulov

Cream of wheat.

8. John Belushi.

Shutterstock / Timolina

Lentil soup.

9. Robert E. Lee.

Shutterstock / as3

Beef soup and brandy.

10. John Candy.

Shutterstock / NADKI


11. Allen Ginsberg.

Shutterstock / Razmarinka

Fish chowder.

12. Mahatma Gandhi.

Shutterstock / B. and E. Dudzinscy

Cooked vegetables, orange, goat’s milk and ginger, sour lemons, strained butter and aloe juice.


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