Where does your Thanksgiving dinner come from?

Where did your Thanksgiving Dinner come from?

Thanks in part to the Smithsonian and a company called ESRI, you can deduce where abouts your holiday meal ingredients are from!

ESRI is s company that deals primarily in the creation of interactive maps using a geographic information system (GIS).  They are the developers of a free program called StoryMap that enables users to create free inteactive maps. I was recently introduced to StoryMap on a cultural mapping project. Cultural mapping essentially is the creation of an inventory of cultural assets in particular community. StoryMap creates a map that allows users to visualise resources and asses in a tangible way, and also identifies gaps or missing cultural resources.

StoryMap can also be used for a bit of fun. Try your hand at the program and see what kinds of interesting maps, patterns, and trends you can identify!



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